Our products are either manufactured by us or purchased through authorized sellers. Therefore, we offer a full 24 month warranty. If an extended warranty is offered by us or our suppliers, it is mentioned on our product pages. The warranty does not apply to used goods, accessories and parts that are not durable, such as pins and pegs.

For selected products, we offer an additional year on the warranty period after the product is registered. Click here to register your product.
Upon delivery, please make sure the person who receives the shipment carefully inspects the order for both visual and concealed damage. Receiving should sign off "subject to further inspection" and note any visible damage. Contact our customer service team within 1 day of delivery to report damage from shipping, so that a timely report can be made with the shipping company.

You can contact us at info@milos.cz or by phone at +420 416 837 846
Yes, you feel free to contact us by e-mail or phone.

info@milos.cz Great Britain +44 (0)1945 410 700 USA +1 800 411 0065 Germany +49 711 99 79 8960 Europe +420 416 837 846
At MILOS, you will get the best possible care via telephone and e-mail. We are available in case you have any questions or problems.

Important Note: In many cases, it is easier to answer your questions over the phone. Please include your phone number in e-mails so we can contact you.

info@milos.cz Great Britain +44 (0)1945 410 700 USA +1 800 411 0065 Germany +49 711 99 79 8960 Europe +420 416 837 846
In case of a warranty claim, please contact our Customer Service Department by phone at +420 416 837 846 or send an email to info@milos.cz.

If your warranty claim will be accepted, you’ll need to obtain an RMA form and include it with your return shipment for expediting the process.
We’re happy to receive positive feedback. But if you’ve had a bad experience, please let us know. Your feedback motivates us to constantly improve our services.

We enjoy hearing directly from our customers. We want to know if you were taken care of correctly and if you have any suggestions on how we could improve our service. You can also contact us if you need help with anything. Our goal is your satisfaction.

If you have a problem with your order, or feel you did not receive proper service, send an e-mail to info@milos.cz. MILOS Director, Frantisek Zykan, personally reads all e-mail addressed to him. Unfortunately, it can sometimes happen he is not able to personally answer all e-mails. In any case, you can rest assured your complaints or suggestions will be registered and we’ll do everything in our power to make sure you’re served better in the future.
Yes! MILOS offers a program involving the collection of used, substandard or broken truss against the purchase of new products. We call it our “Hardware Replacement Program” and more information can be found here.

Please contact us if you would like more information.
Just visit our "Download center" section of the website for instant access to catalogues, maunuals and certificates..

Download center

To download AutoCad (DWG) files, you first need to register on our website and then you will have access to download.
TÜV is an international system for testing the quality and safety of products, systems and services.

We confirm that MILOS products meet the required DIN standards and are certified by TÜV NORD CERT GmbH.

The 'CE' symbol confirms the product complies with EU legislation requirements. In other words, it‘s a prerequisite for sale in the European Union. It only applies to products in categories listed in specific EU directives regarding CE compliance.
MILOS products that fall within the roof segment are in accordance with the following standards:

DIN EN 13814, DIN 4112, DIN 4113, DIN 1055-4, DIN 18800, DIN EN 1999, DIN EN 1991, DIN EN 1993.
Painting of our products is one of the services we offer. In this case, the newly manufactured product must go to an external supplier for an additional step at a professional paint shop. Total delivery time, depending on the extent of your order, is usually two weeks.
Truss is designed to perform its function in an appropriate environment, i.e. indoor or outdoor, and in a range of normal temperatures and weather conditions. A complete list of possibilities is outside the scope of this definition, such as partial placement in water. You should always consult with the MILOS Technical Department.
No, we don’t. But if you’re interested in this service, the MILOS Sales Department will recommend trusted partners you can contact. The price depends on your exact needs.
Currently, assistance and consulting services related to help for installation, assembly of kits, assembly of stands, etc. are usually available with newly launched products, or as a complementary extension of the order by mutual agreement.
Products are packed into boxes. If the customer has no special conditions, or prior arrangements in regards to the shipment, they are transported without the use of pallets.
The connection between MILOS truss is designed to be reliable and safe. The principle of a conical connection means that all forces from a permanently loaded structure are transmitted to all parts of the joint. For this reason, MILOS deliberately designed a space between bushings with a max. gap of 3/64" – 1/16" so the joint doesn’t lose its strength even in the case of wear caused by normal use (especially when the pins are pushed deeply through the sleeve).