MILOS Big Roofs

MILOS Big Roofs
When small roofs aren't enough, reach for the bigger calibre!

Take a look at our MILOS Big Roofs!
Our big roofs offer you not only a large space but also high load capacity and stability for your stage equipment. Whether you need sound, lighting or other effects, you can be sure that our roofs will provide you with safety and quality.
On our website, you can see our wide range of roofs, which vary in size, shape and design.
From the smallest to the very largest, we have a roof that will catch your eye.
For example, our MR2 Saddle Roof is ideal for medium events at 12x10m and 10x8m, while the S-MR20 is a huge steel roof that can reliably stand up to the demands of big events.
The roofs are matched with our aluminium Keder Profiles, which allow you to quickly and easily stretch the tarp over your roof to achieve coverage from your desired sides.
Would you like to see our range of roofs? Don’t hesitate to check out:
Don't wait, order your MILOS big concert roof today and show the world what you can do!

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