MR5 Heavy-Duty Roof

Our 31 x 18-metre MR5 Heavy-Duty Roof in full glory at the TIMESHIFT Bucharest Music Festival!
Are you thinking about a roof for your one-off event that would offer maximum space, load capacity, stability and quality? Then, the MR5 roof from MILOS is the ideal choice for you.
This roof is designed to satisfy the most demanding sound, lighting and, most importantly, safety requirements.
The MR5 roof was built on MT2 towers that reach up to 12.5 metres in height and are made of robust Truss M390 QTKT. The basic structure for the frame is made up of M950 RTTH construction. In addition, the Truss M950 Fold Series was used in the roof, which can be easily folded and unfolded to save space during transport or storage. The roof has a large 31 x 18-meter footprint and a high load capacity of 24,000 kg UDL, allowing for heavy sound and lighting systems to be installed seamlessly.
The MR5 roof is also very flexible. You can add different extensions, such as a BackStage zone, LED Wing or PA Wing, all according to your preferences and needs. PA has 2000kg UDL on each end of cantilevers (8000kg total) + 2x 3000kg for LED walls on side wings. The roof also includes all the necessary anchors to secure and windproof it fully.
And suppose you want to protect your equipment and performers from the weather. In that case, you can cover your roof from the required sides with our aluminium Keder profiles, which allow you to have a high-quality tarpaulin stretched on the roof, even on the vertical sides.

We highly recommend using EXE Technology motors for our MR5 roof, which guarantee safe and smooth lifting and lowering of the roof. The roof comes complete with manual, static report and technical support.
Do not hesitate to contact our sales team for more information!
Video also at our A4I.TV:
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