Demand from customers across Europe is ever increasing for more sophisticated structures and services for special projects and live events, the likes of which couldn’t even be imagined ten years ago. Companies that specialize in these areas are the best equipped to provide the products, services and skills needed to successfully meet these demands.
Enter Austrian firm GETEC Eventtechnik gmbh (, which is one of Austria’s elite companies that specialize in this field. GETEC thrive on overwhelmingly demanding projects and events that require them to work at an extremely high technical and structural level. As a matter of fact, they seek out these types of challenges!
Founded in 2002, GETEC have grown very quickly and built a strong reputation as the “go to” company for challenging projects and events in Austria and its neighbouring countries. Living by their mantra, “Technology is replaceable. Experience, creativity and know-how are not.”, they have successfully completed many demanding projects over the years, such as supplying MILOS roof structures for Red Bull’s Wings for Life World Run, Air Race, Formula 1 and PlayStreets, as well as the bicycle world championships.
Getec provide structures and technical solutions for brands and companies, concerts and shows, products and dreams. Through their mastery of state-of-the-art technology, and employing a team of well-trained technicians, they turn events into impressive “works of art”. In fact, they even have their own internal engineering department, which gives their company an unfair advantage over other companies in this field.
To help achieve their “work of art” promise, they rely on the exclusive use of MILOS aluminium structural components and roofs systems. “MILOS is the only trussing and support structure company that is able to meet our exacting demands. They’re a real partner for us and are able to work quickly and at a high technical level”, said Dipl. Ing. Jakob Gailhofer, owner of GETEC. 
It’s interesting to note that all aluminium structural products and roofs in GETEC’s inventory are exclusively from MILOS. In fact, GETEC have more than 3,700 metres of MILOS truss, as well as a small army of MILOS MR3, MR4 and MR5 roof systems that range from 6 x 4 metres to 28 x 16 metres.
The largest structure they have ever provided was for the Andrea Berg stage this year at the Open Air Concert in Aspach, Germany. The structure was a MILOS 16 x 12m MR4 roof with 4x MT2 towers. It featured a versatile arched rain cover system based on M520 truss with specially designed polygon elements. The roof was extended with scaffolding for LED screens and was complemented by fourteen-meter-high MILOS M520 PA towers, which had a load capacity of 1200 kg.
Gailhofer has been a MILOS customer since 1994, eight years before he founded GETEC. “Among the many reasons I’ve stuck with MILOS for almost twenty-five years include the international standards of quality their products meet, fast reaction times, and their ability to meet tight deadlines. Not to mention their superior customer service that goes well beyond the call of duty, such as overnight delivery of parts and providing welding services within 24 hours. We’ve also developed a close relationship with the MILOS engineering and design departments that we value and have come to rely on. They have consistently provided technical advice at the very highest level”, stated Gailhofer.