Full Dome Project

Last year, MILOS once again realised an exciting project with its long-term client Fulldome.pro. Fulldome.pro is a provider of easy-to-use and cost-effective technologies and dynamic programming for 360° projection systems. Their range of services includes the development and creation of new design concepts for shows, permanent installations, digital art, planetarium installations and the modernization of existing systems.
One of many projects that Fulldome.pro has realised in cooperation with MILOS was a permanent installation in Busan, South Korea. For this project, a projection screen in the form of a standing hemisphere was implemented, with MILOS producing the supporting structure for the projection screen.
For this purpose, MILOS produced a truss circle with an outer diameter of approx. 22m, together with the connection elements to the building. What was special about this project, however, was the truss dimensions. The cross section of the truss is 898 mm wide and 1038 mm high.
André Schniedergers, Structural Engineer and Project Engineer at Area Four Industries Direct Germany, said: "Within the scope of such a project, we always carry out pre-dimensioning of the structure in advance. The first calculation confirmed that a considerably smaller truss would have been sufficient. However, it was the explicit wish of the customer to be able to climb inside of the truss for maintenance purposes. This is the reason for the unusual design of the truss, which contains many parallel cross struts. An interesting detail, which created an unusual load for the circle, was the Fulldome.pro design principle that ensures the projection screens remain in tight through the use of negative pressure. To achieve this effect, air pressure of -80 Pa was generated in the cavity behind the screen (compared to the ambient pressure). The connection of the screen to the inner edge of the circle creates torsional forces, which had to be taken into account when making the static calculation."
This project was a relatively rare undertaking for the MILOS factory. On one hand, a truss circle with a diameter of almost 22 meters requires a lot of floor space. The main challenge, however, was to maintain an accurate fit between the truss sections due to the usual tolerances required for the circle.

Pavel Stryhàl, Production Manager at MILOS, commented, "Unusual projects require unusual measures. During the test assembly, we were of course delighted that our concept had  been successful. We only had minimal deviations from the nominal diameter and assembly proceeded without any problems.

Tomáš Gajdos, Sales Manager at MILOS, was also thrilled to receive positive feedback from the customer following installation of the dome structure.