Product academy



MILOS facilities - Guangzhou, China


MILOS Product Academy is Asia’s premiere truss and rigging workshop. The two-day program will be led by an international structural engineer and professional rigger, who provide invaluable knowledge and hands-on demonstrations for a wide range of truss and rigging projects.
The workshop has been developed from the ground up to provide attendees with cutting edge truss knowledge and valuable rigging skills that can be immediately used on the job and in business. In fact, it was necessary to break the workshop into two days, due to the large amount of information and practical demonstrations packed into the program.
At the end of the workshop, every attendee will receive an official “Certificate of Attendance” that confirms the valuable knowledge and skills covered within the program.
Dinner will be provided to all attendees at the end of each day and a special evening is planned in Panyu at the conclusion of the workshop.


  • Rules for manufacturing and use of truss
  • How truss works
  • Temporary demountable structures
  • Conditions for discarding truss
  • Truss testing and certification
  • Loading and calculation rules
  • Case studies of past truss & rigging disasters
  • Factors of safety & logic
  • Hands on demonstration of basic rigging techniques
  • Factory tour
  • Swag
  • Goodie bag
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